The Harbor-Nizhny

Bringing hope to graduating orphans by teaching life skills, meeting physical and emotional needs, and providing spiritual growth.

The Harbor - Nizhny is a project of Fory Charitable Trust. At the core of The Harbor is its residential program. Young adult orphans live together in a typical Russian apartment and function as a family along with mentors who address the following life areas:

Practical Formation
Harbor staff will model and coach residents in life skills such as nutrition, cooking, personal hygiene, budgeting, housekeeping, and family living.

Spiritual Formation
Russian pastors will provide encouragement in the journey of finding God and meaning in life.

Emotional and Relational Formation
Staff psychologist will help residents cope with their unique issues in individual and group sessions.

Educational Formation
Staff members will guide participants through enrolling and completion of technical college or university studies.

The Harbor-Nizhny officially opened its first apartment for male residents on May 1, 2014. Our second apartment, for female residents, opened in March, 2016. Each apartment can house up to five residents.


Dr. Olga K.
National Director

Dr. Olga has been a neonatologist for over 20 years in Nizhny. She holds a Bachelor's degree from Riga Medical Academy and a Master's and Doctorate from Nizhny Novgorod Regional Medical Academy in Pediatrics. After graduating, Dr. Olga became certified as a Neonatologist. Dr. Olga has worked with teens that have aged out of the orphanage system for the past 3 years. Being the director of the Harbor is a privilege for her and she loves to see God moving in the lives of the teens we help.

Julia K.

Julia has worked as a child/teen psychologist for over 10 years. She attended Moscow Humanitarian Institute and earned a Bachelor's degree in psychology and an Associate degree in medicine to be a paramedic. As the psychologist on staff for The Harbor, Julia meets weekly with the teens in individual and group sessions. She also has volunteered her time serving in the teen's and children's ministry at her church for the past 5 years.

Olga S.
Head Accountant

Olga has been an accountant for over 20 years.In addition to working as the accountant for The Harbor, she also is the head accountant of a local homeowners association, and the head accountant at her church. Olga shares her knowledge of non-profit accounting by consulting with various churches and religious organizations.

Masha E.
Lawyer/Russian Fundraiser

Masha graduated from Lobachevskovo State University and has duel Bachelor's degrees in language and in law. Masha serves as legal counsel for The Harbor. For the past 10 years she has volunteered her knowledge of non-profit law for her church and other organizations. Masha assisted in the preparation and filing of the organizational papers for The Harbor-Nizhny and continues to provide legal assistance as needed. Masha has taken on the additional responsibility of raising funds in Russia to help meet expenses for The Harbor. Her compassion towards emancipated orphans and the assistance she provides to The Harbor is invaluable.

Yura S.
Mentor - Male Residents

Yura has worked with orphan teens and street kids for the past 15 years. He is currently one of the volunteers in Nizhny who teaches potential foster parents about the nuances of fostering orphans.

Sergey P.
Mentor - Males Residents

Sergey brings an incredible amount of life experience and experience with troubled teens to our staff. He has worked in orphanages and rehab facilities for the past 15 years and is the assistant pastor at a new church plant.

Artyom A.
Mentor - Male Residents

Artyom has been involved with his church's orphanage outreach for almost 10 years. His experience with orphans is invaluable to our staff working with kids who have aged out of the orphanage system.

Masha O.
Mentor - Female Residents

Masha has a bachelor's degree in education. She has served orphans by taking them into her home over weekend periods to provide them a family setting. Masha also brings several years of experience with orphans to our staff.

Inna K.
Mentor - Female Residents

Inna has a bachelor's degree in education and volunteers in her church's orphanage outreach program. She joined The Harbor staff after realizing how much need there was in helping the orphans.

Luba S.
Mentor - Female Residents

Luba is currently completing her last year in university studying to be a social worker. Her volunteer work with her church's orphanage outreach program led her to pursue becoming a social worker and to join The Harbor staff.

Harbor Staff & Spouses