Orphanage Needs

Needs Met:

  • New beds for multiple facilities
  • Window blinds & bed linens
  • Hockey ministry
  • Floor ball equipment
  • Easter celebrations for 7 facilities (400 children)
  • New school desks
  • Graduation gifts & celebrations for orphans
  • Summer camp & fish camp for orphans
  • Christmas gifts & celebrations for 7 facilities (400 children)
  • New washing machines
  • Recreation room equipment and renovations
  • Renovations of multiple restrooms
  • New flooring and new internal doors
  • Water coolers

On-going Yearly Activities Supported by the Trust:

  • Easter Celebrations - $6,000
  • Summer Camp - $2,000
  • Back-to-school celebrations/Harvest Celebrations - $500
  • Christmas celebrations - $10,000
  • Russia Follow-up Staff - $8,400
Thank you for donating and being a part of our ministry to orphans!

New Beds for Orphanage No. 8
An entire floor at Orphanage No. 8 was provided new beds and linens. The kids love the new beds!

New Beds for Shelter Care C
A total of 12 new beds with mattresses were purchased for Shelter Care C. Sturdy bed frames and thick, firm mattresses will provide the kids with a safe, comfortable sleep environment. The kids love their new beds!

New Blinds for Orphanage A
New blinds brightened up the dining area for the kids at Orphanage No. A.

Washing Machine - Shelter Care C
The ladies working in the laundry room at Shelter Care C were pleased with the new washing machine we provided for them. It was in use while we were there, getting the job done so the kids would have clean clothes to wear for the coming week.

What do you get when you mix orphans andlove for hockey? great opportunity to mentor kids in need! In January, 2012, Vadim began coaching and playing hockey with kids in Orphanage No. 8 onweekly basis for 2-3 hours. New skates, hockey sticks, and protective gear were purchased with funds provided by Fory Charitable Trust and donations made through Houston's First Baptist Church. Vadim also takes 10 kids onceweek to watch the KHL hockey plays of the Torpedos, Nizhny Novgorod's team. Onrotating basis, boys and girls from Orphanage No. 8, Orphanage No. 10, and Balakhna are selected to attend these games. Vadim purchasessnack for each attendee and uses this time to have conversations with the kids about their life in the orphanage, their behavior, moral life, how to be happy, what the golden rule is for life, and Christ. Vadim's time with the kids provides physical activity, social outings, andtime of teaching and learning for the kids. Needless to say, Vadim is very popular with the kids and they cry out "Vadim! Vadim Petrovich!" when they see him coming.