About Us

Our ministry first began in 2000, when our executive director, Sue Marshall, first traveled to Russia and began developing relationships with orphanages in Russia. Through the years, the Lord used her, expanded her deep love for Russia and orphans, and continuously placed people in her path who could help advance the ministry. One of those people was Wilma Fory, Sue's close friend and mentor. When God called Wilma home, Fory Charitable Trust was created in 2008 to carry on the legacy of Wilma's support of our work with orphans in Russia.

Our Purpose
  • Improve the quality of life for emancipated orphans and vulnerable children at risk:
    • Provide humanitarian aid and improvements to facilities.
    • Train and equip local volunteers to serve as mentors, teaching social and life skills.
    • Exhibit God's unconditional love through the work we do.
  • Encourage and support short term mission trips to Russia and Ukraine for teams to work with vulnerable children and emancipated orphans.
The Fory Charitable Trust is managed by:

Sue Marshall

Advisory Board
David Davidson
Denise Allen
Steve Huzar
Sonia Tabarovsky
Kelsey Jones Knowles

We are blessed with great partnerships that help support the work of Fory Charitable Trust. We are grateful for all you do to help orphans, emancipated orphans, and at-risk children in Russia.

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