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And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man. -Luke 2:52

Education Funds

Congratulations to Josh Davis and Nigel Stearns, recipients of the
2017/2018 Wilma Sue Fory Memorial Scholarship.

Scholarships awarded to date - $67,500.

To qualify for financial assistance, the following criteria must be met:
  • Adopted from Russia and have proof of adoption and U.S. citizenship;
  • Immigrant to the United States from Russia and have proof of your place of birth and legal status to be in America;
  • Maintain a cumulative minimum average grade of "C" (2.0 GPA); and,
  • Working towards an Associates or Bachelor's Degree at an institute of higher learning or a technical school in the continental United States.

General Information:
One $1,000 scholarship or two $500 scholarships may be awarded per calendar year based on the availability of funds. The receipt of a scholarship one year does not guarantee the receipt of future scholarships.

The deadline for submission of applications is March 1. Applications postmarked March 1 will be considered as received timely.Fory Charitable Trust will not accept or consider incomplete application forms.

All information submitted is for use only by the Fory Charitable Trust and its Advisory Board for consideration and will be kept strictly confidential.

2015 Scholarship Recipients

Abigail Woodward
I will be attending Dallas Baptist University to study Elementary Education. I hope to become a 2nd or 3rd grade teacher. I am so excited to see what God has in store for me over the next few years.

Catherine Giese
I will be attending Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia starting the fall 2015. I plan to study Biology aimed at an advanced degree in Physical Therapy with concentration in Sports Medicine. I have been involved in sports since I was a toddler, and rowed for the Varsity Crew in High School. I love all sports, but especially our local baseball team, the Washington Nationals. I aspire to being a trainer for them when I graduate, and thank FORY to helping me on this journey!

Simon Puzankov
I am a student at Whitwroth University in the final year of completing a B.S. in Computer Science with a minor in General Business. I have been blessed with being able to attend a Christian liberal arts university and I aim to continue developing my faith and character as I go into my career in Computer Science. My plan has always been to impact the world in a way that is meaningful, life-changing, and inspiring. As I complete my studies, I will be equipped to do just that through the lens of technology - a field that is constantly changing our world, day by day, hour by hour, and redefining what it means to live in the 21st century.

Andrew Andrews
I will be attending Cornerstone University, a private Christian University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I will be studying Computer Information Systems in their 4-year program. I hope to play tennis and become a Resident Assistant during my time there. I am very thankful for this scholarship and the fact that I can use my God-given talents to become the best I can be. I can now afford to live on campus and become more involved in the college community. I am very thankful.

Nikolai Leslie
I was adopted from Angarsk City, Russia when I was 11 months old. I will be attending High Point University in North Carolina in the fall. I plan on majoring in Special Education. I have known that I wanted to do something with special needs people ever since I helped out in the Special Ed room at my school in 8th grade. Eventually, I hope to open my own school for students with special needs. Thank you very much to the Fory Charitable Trust for awarding me this scholarship.

Kaitlyn Williams
I am going into my junior year at the University of Arkansas at Monticello, majoring in modern language with a minor in Spanish where I will receive my master's degree. I hope to teach Spanish to high school or college students. I chose this because I want to have time to do mission work on my off time from teaching. I went on a mission trip to Honduras for a week, helping people in need. Ever since that trip I had a passion for helping people, and wanting to go to other Spanish speaking countries around the world. I am very grateful for receiving this scholarship, to help pay my way to reach my goals.

Nadia Bordelon
In the fall of 2015, I will be attending Louisiana State University. I will major in anthropology with a possible concentration in international studies. I will minor in dance. My long term goal is to graduate from LSU and continue my education, pursuing a Masters Degree in Global Social Work or a related field of study in the social sciences and humanities. I have a strong interest in international travel and cultural interactions. I also hope to continue my dance education because I enjoy sharing my passion for dance. I feel blessed to have received this scholarship.

Alexandra Onesko
I will be attending Cuyahoga Community College- Western Campus in the fall of 2015. I plan to study Cardiac Sonography. I will learn how to perform echocardiograms. I chose this field because it is close to my heart. I was born with a congenital heart defect and have echocardiograms done a few times a year to check the status of my heart condition. Over time, I have been asking a lot of questions and learning more about this field from the staff that have performed my echocardiograms. I realized that this is the career I want to have. I believe that I will be able to help my patients and their families by decreasing their anxiety about this test. I also know how important it will be explain to them what I am doing and why. I chose Cuyahoga Community College because it has a reputation in the Cleveland area for producing the best students. This school uses the Cleveland Clinic Hospital, which is one of the best in the nation.

Robert Croxton
In the fall of 2015, I will be attending Missouri State University and plan to study Computer Science with an emphasis on Cyber Security. I plan to focus my career as an IT Architect or Analyst. After I graduate I would like to work for financial a planning institution to help secure peoples investments and futures. I would like to thank the Fory Charitable Trust for their awarding me the scholarship and helping me further my education.

Leslie Walters
In the fall my plan is to attend Columbia College. I want to major in psychology and I would like to be able to help troubled youth someday.

Josh Davis
I am entering as a freshman to the University of Houston planning to study Liberal Studies which is a three minor major; I plan to minor in Communications, Spanish and Marketing. My plans are to work in the communication field possible dealing with the communication through Spanish. My long term plans are to work with communities and major businesses to raise awareness of how important communicating to other cultures and ethnic groups can affect the success around them.

Nikita Rees
I was adopted from Russia in 2005 at the age of nine. I will be attending Ashland University in the fall of 2015. At this time my major is undecided, but I have a strong interest in criminal justice and psychology. I will be exploring career opportunities in these fields. I enjoy helping people and I hope I find a career that will allow me to do this. Thank you for giving me this scholarship and assisting me in pursuing a college degree.

Benjamin Pollino
In the Fall 2015, I will attend Eckerd College in St. Petersburg FL. I will major in Psychology. My long term goals include attending graduate school to attain a doctoral degree in clinical psychology. I am also interested in a Pre-Med path. I plan to enroll in the EMT Certification program at Eckerd. For my high school internship, I am assisting at a local health clinic. I sincerely thank the Fory Charitable Trust for this scholarship and am grateful for the opportunities it affords me in my education.

Lillie Grant
I will begin in the Fall at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville in the College of Education, Heath and Human Services with a major in Hospitality. Even as a young girl, I am able to fully experience and appreciate the opportunities that have been given to me. I have had an opportunity to worship freely and I have a strong spiritual community. My education from kindergarten has offered me a curriculum to prepare for college and beyond. I will always be grateful to my family for giving me my amazing life. I however, find that I am curious about the country where I was born and much more of the world in which we live. Through a study abroad program while furthering my education in the hospitality industry, future employment or my own personal travel, I hope Lillie Grant might be as I was born, Nesmeyanova Irina Ivanovna for just a short time.

Gabe Ramsey
I will be attending Dallas Baptist University in the Fall of 2015. I plan to major in Biblical Studies and Communication with an emphasis in Broadcast/Digital Media. The next four years are dedicated to growing spiritually and academically. I look forward to how the Lord will use me to further His kingdom. My heart is completely open to His plans. Please pray for me as I begin this new chapter. I am so grateful to Fory Charitable Trust for granting me a scholarship

Katie Moore
While in Corpus Christi, Texas, I will be attending Texas A&M University and plan on majoring in Biomedical Science and then minor in Finance. Once I have completed my four years in Corpus, I would like to transfer to Texas A&M in College Station to be enrolled into their veterinary school to finish my education and earn my doctorate degree in Veterinary Medicine and eventually open my own practice./td>

Yelena Szuminski
Hello! My name is Yelena Szuminski. The school I will be attending in the fall of 2015 is Saint Clair County Community College. It will be my second year there, then I will move on to Wayne State University to complete my bachelor's degree with a double major in Biological Sciences and Spanish (and will be working as an EMT!) Once I complete my undergraduate degree, I firmly intend to go on to medical school and one day call myself an Orthopedic Surgeon! I would like to thank Fory Trust for awarding me the scholarship and helping me pursue the long road of becoming a doctor!

Aria Logan
I am currently working towards a degree in Graphic Communications Technology. I would like to use my strong interest in art and photography to communicate information that sells a product or idea. I like to work with graphic components and design images that conveys a message. I currently work catering events and in my free time I like to spend time with friends and family, be outdoors, paint, and draw.

David Logan
I'm majoring in Computer Science and my career goals are to work as a software engineer full time then start my own software company. I'm currently working at my third internship and have gained many engineering and communication skills, giving me an advantage when entering the workforce after college.

Rachel Baker
I am currently studying at the University of Mary Washington and going into my junior year this fall semester. As if now I am currently looking into majoring in sociology or English but have yet to declare a major.

Sveta Hansen
I will be attending ANA in the fall of 2015. My career goals are to become a nurse's assistant. Later on I well be working in the area of where I live and close to my family.

Michael Dewhirst
I am just beginning Spring Semester of my Freshman year at the University of Scranton. I am a business major in the Kania School of Management. I am really enjoying University of Scranton and have made friends in my dorm, my classes and on the hockey team. The hockey season just finished and while we didn't have a winning record, we did have a lot of fun. I hope to play hockey all four years at U of S. I enrolled in intercession (classes between semesters) and took a nutrition class. I also got a seasonal job at the ski resort near campus. I love all winter sports and this is a great job for me-plus I get to ski for free. Classes are challenging, especially math. Unfortunately, I got mononucleosis the first semester and missed 10 days of school. I was able to bounce back and keep up with school work. I hope to get a paying internship this summer. Last summer I worked in the Congressional Affairs office of an airline. I loved the challenge and the work but it was an unpaid position. Hopefully this year, with a little more experience, I will be able to find a paying position. My family and I really appreciate the financial support provided by the Fory Charitable Trust.

Joshua Starkey
While I am at Walsh University I will be studying in the nursing program as well as participating in their choral programs. My goal is to complete the program with a degree and to have a job in one of the local hospitals as a registered nurse, an E.R. nurse, Intensive Care nurse, or in some other degree of trauma care. While studying nursing and singing in the choir, I plan on participating in various musicals in the different theaters as a recreational activity.

Jonathan Gorell
I will be attending Austin Community College in the fall and plan on majoring in sports marketing and become a sports agent.

Michael Dautlick
Caring about personal safety and the environment was deeply instilled in me during my ten years of becoming an Eagle Scout. Learning proper use of knives & tools, attending emergency medical training and caring for the environment when camping is second nature to me. I hope to continue learning and sharing these practices in the work place. I am attending Indiana University of Pennsylvania and after graduation hope to find employment in an international company. Being Russian-born, I aspire to further my personal development through global travel.

Michael Dautlick
I am currently attending Clarion University of Pennsylvania for Speech Pathology and Audiology. As a junior in college I've been graced to experience a lot of different activities and environments dealing with people with special needs. These experiences include sitting in with a speech pathologist with elementary deaf and visually impaired students, as well as Special Olympics at Clarion. I appreciate what Fory Trust has given me to be able to pursue my dream in helping those with special needs.

Spring 2014 Scholarship Recipients

Simon Puzankov
I am a student at Whitworth University, going my junior year. I am planning to major in Computer Science with a minor in Business. I enjoy taking photos for the Whitworthian, Whitworth University's newspaper and will be the photo editor for it starting in the spring. I am excited to continue my studies and envolvement in the community as I build my future career.

Jenya Dautlick
I am going to Clarion University to study Speech Pathology and Audiology. It is a six year program which will include a Master's Degree. I want to help little children improve their speaking skills as I was helped when I was first adopted. I have always had a knack for language and I am drawn to people with handicaps, so when I learned what Speech Pathology was, I knew that was my career path. I look forward to helping those who need help and being able to change someone's life like my parents have changed mine.

Alena Best
My name is Alena Best; I am a freshman at the University of North Georgia-Oakwood Campus. I am currently undeclared in my major. However I am declaring a major next semester, an ECE (early childhood education) major. I would love to be an elementary teacher preferably second grade. Later on I want to go back to school and get my masters and then specialists degree in teaching. Thank you so much for this scholarship, it is giving me a chance to pursue my career dreams!

Yana Kohler
I am currently a sophomore at Juniata College and I am majoring in International Studies, with French and Russian. I am also taking business classes, which I am hoping to use in my future career. I would like to work internationally as a translator or an ambassador. This college has provided me with the opportunities to travel abroad and to intern in France. I would not have this chance to attend Juniata without scholarships, and so, I would like to thank you so much for choosing me to receive the Fory scholarship!

Alexander Hardwick
I will attend Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia pursuing a Bachelor's in Business Administration with my primary focus being Finance. In addition, I may also complete the Pre-Med requirements. I will also be competing on the varsity swim team at Emory. After graduation, I will either go on to Medical School or work in the Financial Market.

Matthew Trovato
My name is Matthew Trovato and I am a senior at Notre Dame High School in Easton, Pa. After graduation, I plan to attend DeSales University with a major in Psychology and minor in Music. My long term goals include attending graduate school to attain a doctoral degree in clinical psychology and become a mental health counselor and therapist. My hope for the future is to become a counselor for families in crisis and help them find the strength within themselves to overcome their difficulties. I consider it a great honor to be awarded this scholarship, and I am very grateful for the wonderful opportunities it may bring in my continued education.

Judy O'Neill
In the fall of 2014, I will be attending West Virginia University, the college of my dreams. I hope to become a teacher by majoring in Post-Secondary Education and getting a minor in coaching to become a basketball coach. The sport of basketball has been in my blood since I was a little girl, therefore I think becoming a coach would be perfect, and I would love to help young girls pursue their dreams that I had with the sport. Also, at WVU I will have the opportunity to be an assistant manager with the women's basketball team.

Natalia Fiorini
I am attending Siena College as a biochemistry major. After my four years there, I will be attending Medical School with the dream of becoming a surgeon. I am very interested in Opthalmology and Neurology although I know that my specialty can change. My life-long goal is to cure people as well as being mobile in my line of work to hopefully provide care in countries all around the world. Thank you very much for this scholarship, it is greatly appreciated especially because I have more than 10 years of school ahead of me.

David Logan
I'm entering my junior year at Wartburg College, majoring in computer science and it is continuing to be a great experience. I participate in service projects and recently completed a trip working in flood damaged homes in Colorado and helped provide poverty relief. I'm currently a software engineering intern at Intel's Campus in Folsom, California. There I am testing and validating computer desktop memory in addition to the memory that goes into mobile devices. My previous internship was at Rockwell-Collins Inc, an aerospace and defense contracting company, specializing in avionics communication. In my free time, I like to longboard, snowboard, and hit the gym.. My current goal remains working in software development and my long term goal is to start and direct my own software development corporation.

Sergey Madden
In the fall, I will be attending Point Loma Nazarene University and will study Biology/Premed. After graduating, I am planning on attending a two year graduate school in order to become a Physician's Assistant. Currently, I am enrolled in an EMT certification program for the summer. This will enable me to gain the medical work experience necessary during the next 4 years to be considered as a candidate for the Physician's Assistance Graduate program. In April, I was blessed to be able to go on a Medical Missionary Trip to Haiti with a team of Doctors, Dentists, and other health professionals. I was given the opportunity to witness medical procedures, surgeries and dispensing medications to many Haitian people who were in serious need of medical attention. What I saw and experienced on this trip filled my heart with love and compassion for the Haitian people and the Lord used it to confirm His plan for my life. My desire is to return to Haiti after I become certified as a Physician's Assistant to minister to those who are so desperately in need.

Kole Jorgensen
I will be attending Simpson College in the Fall of 2014. My plans are to major in History with a minor in Religion.

Liza Zollman
While at Franklin, I will be enrolled in the Pre-Pharmacy program. My main focus is on math and chemistry so I can get my Bachelors of Chemistry in 4 years. During my sophomore year, my goal is to study abroad in Russia for part of the year to once again become fluent in my native language and then hopefully someday to be able to work internationally in some way. After Franklin, I hope to get into the Pharmacy program at Purdue or Butler. I am very excited to see where my career goals will take me.

Victoria "Vika" Cancila
I was adopted from Russia at six years old and was afforded all the benefits of living in a nuclear American family. I received unconditional love, an outstanding education and a terrific support system. I plan to "pay this forward" by completing my Master's degree in Social Work from St. Louis University to counsel and assist families pre- and post-adoption. Adding a new member or members to a family can often be an emotionally "bumpy" process. I hope that -- with my personal experience and education -- I can help guide my clients through various adjustment periods and pave the wave for them to build solid family units.

Aria Logan
I'm currently a freshman at Kirkwood Community College in my first semester of study. I'm working towards an A.A. degree in education and plan to transfer to the University of Northern Iowa, majoring in Elementary Education. My long term goal is to continue on for my Master's degree as I would like to be a resource teacher working with students with learning disabilities. I have a part-time job and in my free time, I like to exercise, do outdoor activities, paint, and create jewelry.

Matthew McVicker
I was adopted from Smolensk, Russia when I was 8 months old. I will be attending the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio in the fall, where I have selected the '"Discover Business" program in the School of Business Administration. Although I am leaning towards majoring in Finance, I would like to explore all options before committing. Plans while in college include a study abroad program, and after college I am considering attending law school. In my spare time, I enjoy cycling and climbing. A sincere thank you goes to the Fory Charitable Trust Advisory Board for awarding me this scholarship to help pay for college!

Dominic Franklin
I plan on attending Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN. and earn a double major in Eastern European Studies and Political Science. I also plan to on work in the Diversity Center at the college. After graduation I plan on acquiring a job related to international relations. I have always had a passion to learn and diversify myself in foreign cultures. It is one of my goals in life to continue to grow and feed this interest.

Alina Kolberg
I am excited to be studying Nursing at USC Upstate. I plan to become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. My passion is to help and comfort those around me and I believe that nursing will allow me to make a difference in this world.

Zina Bryan
In the fall of 2014, my plan is to attend Wichita State University. I want to major in International Studies and have a long time goal of working in the State Department. Using the State Department system to help children in need, especially American families trying to adopt Russian children, is very important to me. As I continue through college and my future life, I want to help those who need help. I want to make a positive difference in someone's life in the same way my new country has made a positive difference in mine.

Joshua Starkey
Once I begin my college career I will begin studying in the nursing program as well as participating in the choir music program. It is my goal that after completing college to have a job as a registered nurse in one of the local hospitals as either an ER nurse, Intensive Care unit, or some other degree of traumatic care. While studying nursing and singing in the choir I plan on participating in musicals at the local theater.

Nigel Stearns
I was adopted in Sosnovobork, Russia in 1997 and recently graduated from Dallas High School, in Dallas, Pa. I am enrolled at Niagara University beginning in Fall of 2014 as a part of the 2018 graduating class.. I intend to major in Finance at the College of Business at N.U. although I am uncertain of my future career choice with this degree. I will also be a member of the Purple Eagles baseball team which is in the MAAC conference.

Inna Wines
I was adopted from Russia when I was an infant. My adoption ignited my aspiration to help others. In 2009, I am planning on turning my desire for helping others into a career as an Occupational Therapist (OT). I will major in Kinesiology at the University of Arkansas and then plan to get a Masters in OT. I hope to be able to serve orphans full time on the mission field in the future.

Michael Dewhirst
I am a freshman at the University of Scranton. My declared major is marketing. I am looking forward to taking classes this fall that will prepare me for a marketing major. College is going to expose me to many different fields of study and I am interested in finding an interesting minor field of study to support my marketing major. I hope to study abroad for a semester in my sophomore or junior year. I hope to work for an exciting company and help them with branding and marketing. I would like to thank the Fory Charitable Trust for awarding me a scholarship.

Kasania Khachadourian
I was born in St. Petersburg, Russia and adopted by my parents when I was 18 months old. I graduated from St. Francis High School in Sacramento, California in May of 2014. In August I will begin my undergraduate studies at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. I intend to major in Business, with a focus on Management and then go on to graduate studies. I aspire to build a career in the hospitality industry, as it provides opportunities to travel, interact with people from all over the world, to learn and give back.

Sergei Bilardi
I have always enjoyed learning about aviation and space. I am planning to study Engineering Physics at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University where I will gain new experiences and begin to understand more about how the universe works. My goal afterwards is to work on leading edge research in astrophysics to help advance space exploration.

Abby Rulison
My name is Abby Rulison. I will be attending Northern Arizona University and will be studying Social Work. I plan to use this in order to help families and children feel loved and accepted.

Holden Earhart
I will be attending Penn State University at University Park, PA to major in Security and Risk Analysis in the College of Information Sciences and Technology. This degree will prepare me for a career in the intelligence field, which I believe will be a challenging and rewarding profession. I am planning to work as a business intelligence consultant or intelligence analyst. In my free time, I enjoy playing hockey and baseball. I thank the Fory organization for this scholarship and for its efforts to help orphans in Russia and Ukraine.

Matthew Flynn
At the University of Scranton, I will be studying neuroscience for the first four years of my college education. After my first four years, I will go on to graduate school and I hope to obtain my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I hope to eventually work in physical therapy and have my own practice.

Nat Simpson
I am currently a freshman at South Plains and I am undecided on my intentions for my career goals. I would like to do something adventurous and/or run a business. Those interest me because of my past challenges and success of becoming an Eagle Scout. This charitable scholarship will help me reach my goals as I begin my university career.

Natasha Simpson
I am a freshman at West Texas A&M university and I have not declared a major but I would like to be a vet tech or own my own business. Animals have always been a passion of mine and I love getting to save them and take care of them. With this scholarship I am able to get one step closer to fulfilling my dreams and future goals.

Andrew Kolberg
I am excited that I will attend the Christian college of my choice, North Greeenville University in Fall of 2014. I plan to major in Business Administration and minor in music. I will be entering as a junior since I graduated this past year with a high school diploma and Associate's of Arts simultaneously. My career goal is to enter into the business world possibly as an accountant or actuary and then play music professionally while managing and playing in my own band.

Michael Hough
I will be attending Shepherd University. I will be studying Mechanical Engineering with a focus on roller coaster design. My interest in roller coaster design began several years ago and eventually I would like to work as a roller coaster designer for one of the major firms.

Olya Vanderbeek
I will be attending Iowa Western Community College to become a Veterinary Technician in the Fall of 2014. In order to prepare myself I have been observing different procedures that are mandatory along with 24 hours of observation in a veterinary office and pet clinic. I will also be studying some terms to better prepare myself for this course of study. I participated in the orientation at Iowa Western and registered for the required courses. I am looking forward to mid-August when classes begin,

Nikolai Robinson
I will be attending the University of Houston-Main Campus in the fall to study International Business for my major and Spanish Language for my minor.